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  •  Leveraging Memory Forensics Artifacts for Android™ Malware Classification 75th AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting; 2023
  • cRGB_Mem: At the intersection of memory forensics and machine learning ,A Ali-Gombe, S Sudhakaran, R Vijayakanthan, GG Richard III - Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation, 2023

  • Lightweight Symphony: Towards Reducing Computer Science Student Anxiety with Standardized Docker Environments; K Fernalld, TJ OConnor, S Sudhakaran, N Nur - SIGITE 2023

  • The Correlation of Garbage Collection and Object Recovery in Userland Forensic Analysis; S. Sudhakaran, A Ali-Gombe, Andrew Case, G. G Richard III, 74th AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting; 2022
  • Evaluating the Reliability of Android Userland Memory Forensics; S. Sudhakaran, A Ali-Gombe, Andrew Case, G. G Richard III, 17th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security, March 2022
  • POSTER: On Reliability of Userland Memory Forensics; S Sudhakaran, A Ali-Gombe, G G.Richard III; Women in CyberSecurity(WiCys 2021)
  • Examining the Impact of Garbage Collection and Process States in Userland Memory Forensics;S Sudhakaran, A Ali-Gombe, G G. Richard III; 73rd AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting; 2021
  • AmpleDroid recovering large object files from Android application memory; S Sudhakaran, A Ali-Gombe, A Orgah, A Case, GG Richard;  IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security (WIFS 2020)
  • POSTER: Non-Moving Large Object Extraction from Process Dumps; S Sudhakaran, A Ali-Gombe, A Case, G G.Richard III; Women in CyberSecurity(WiCys 2020)
  • Proving Database Tampering Through In-Memory Object Reconstruction; A Ali-Gombe, S Sudhakaran, A Case, GG Richard III; 71st AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting; 2019
  • DroidScraper: a tool for Android in-memory object recovery and reconstruction; A Ali-Gombe, S Sudhakaran, A Case, GG Richard III; 22nd International Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses 2019---USENIX
  • Programmable logic controller forensics; I Ahmed, S Obermeier, S Sudhakaran, V Roussev;IEEE Security & Privacy 15 (6), 18-24;2017
  • A scada system testbed for cybersecurity and forensic research and pedagogy; I Ahmed, V Roussev, W Johnson, S Senthivel, S Sudhakaran; Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Industrial Control System Security Workshop(ACSAC), 1-9; 2016
  • A New Cyber Forensic Philosophy for Digital Watermarks in the Context of Copyright Laws; PV Bhattathiripad, S Sudhakaran, R Khalid; Association for Digital Forensics Security and Law; 2015
  • Use of Machine Learning Techniques for Log Data Analysis; K Muniasamy, S Sudhakaran, M Sethumadhavan; Information Security Education and Awareness- INFOSEC DEPOT; 2014
  • Comparison in Honda Algorithm and Neural Network for Anti Cruise Collision Avoidance System; N Ajayakumar,S Sudhakaran; International Journal of Digital Application & Contemporary research 3; 2014
  • An Advanced Approach towards Shadow Detection and Restoration in VHR Images; N Soman, S Sudhakaran; International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 3 (10); 2014 
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